CIBTAC – Confederation of International Beauty Therapy And Cosmetology – is an International examination Board recognised world-wide for the training and education of Beauty and Complementary Therapists.

In order to satisfy the requirements to hold CIBTAC accreditation, the school must offer a professional environment with very high standards in all areas. This high standard must be maintained and an extremely thorough process is undergone to achieve accreditation status.

There is a wide range of diplomas to choose from with only a few required restrictions. At the end of the course there is an examination in theoretical and practical studies and if the External Examiner is satisfied in every aspect, a CIBTAC Diploma will be awarded.

With a CIBTAC Diploma a therapist can work all over the world guaranteeing their employer a safe, competent and professional service. All CIBTAC courses are directly linked to employment within the industry.

All students are required to gain their CIBTAC Student Insurance which costs no more than £25 for the year and is available from BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) and is one of the Leading and most recognised Beauty Industry Insurance Bodies which ensures good practise and offers valuable support and advice for all therapists and students.

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